Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Scott Jensen is unlike other Doctors. He spends a lot of time with the Patient explaining their Chiropractic Problems and how he is fixing and eliminating your pain. Dr. Jensen has strong hands, having won the Utah State Football Championship when he was in High School. He uses his strong hands to feel and massage your Neck or Back before and during the Adjustments he makes. He does NOT just crack your Neck – he probes for the underlining misalignments before he does the adjustment. This makes your Adjustment last longer. His Prices are very reasonable at $ 45 per Treatment. You’ll get solid, long-term REAL RESULTS. He’s the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to."

- Ken Simmons, Retired, Severe Neck and Sacral Low Back Pain

"Hi my name is Cory, I’m a local here in town. I went to Dr. Jensen’s place for my first ever chiropractor experience mostly because his prices were very competitive and he didn’t want to sign me into any type of recurring visit program (which was good for me since I’m only 22 and I knew I wouldn’t need any type of program.) I was very comfortable with the whole experience and Dr. Jensen was very professional. I highly recommend Performance Chiropractic."

- Cory

"I had reservations about visiting any chiropractor after I had heard some horror stories. Dr. Jensen was very personable and talked to me about some of my concerns and did a great job on easing my fears. He was able to do an initial adjustment that helped my lower back pain immediately. From someone who has had lower back pain for more than 10 years it was nice to get some relief. He was very affordable, and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, personable, knowledgeable chiropractor."

- Ten Years of Suffering in Pain

"I am so impressed with Dr. Jensen. He was thorough and more than just relieving my pain, he taught me things I can do to help me from having further pain. I liked that he explained everything he was doing and why, and how it would help my problem. I liked that I didn’t feel rushed through, and that he actually cared to talk with me. I will definitely come back and recommend Dr. Jensen to anyone. I highly recommend Dr. Jensen to everyone."
- A Patient

"I am a teacher and have always had lower back pain. Since I have been coming regularly to Performance Chiropractic, Dr. Jensen has decreased my pain significantly. Now I find it easier to get through my days. He is very knowledgeable, easy going, and makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Jensen."

- A Teacher

"I most definitely recommend Dr. Jensen. I have had chronic back and neck problems from a car accident in 1979. I had three compressed fractures in my spine and severe whiplash in my neck. I was in a back brace as well as a neck collar. I have been to many Chiropractors. You can trust Dr. Jensen to stretch and slowly work your muscles and make the adjustments necessary. He is very gifted in his techniques to align the spine therefore reducing pain and inflammation, soreness and stiffness. He is the best Chiropractor I have gone to in my 33 year history of back injury. Walking into his office is a pleasure, it is new, nicely decorated and he has a great jetted, warm water relaxation bed… wonderful. Next, comes the gentle stretching which is very relieving and then the alignment. The added benefit you will get when you go is a very personable and caring Dr. that goes the extra mile to show you simple ways to keep in good balance and strengthen your core. I highly recommend Dr. Jensen. Thank you Doctor!!"

- Car Accident Patient

"More than just an adjustment, Dr. Jensen takes the time to relax your muscles and to teach you techniques to help yourself between adjustments. Only one visit and I feel 100% better! The pinched nerve in my neck is no longer bothering me. I will be a regular patient at Performance Chiropractic from now on."

- Pinched Nerve in My Neck

"Dr. Jensen taught me ways I could help my back at home, and they are ways that have actually been helping. He did a wonderful job adjusting my back, and it felt so much better afterwards. I highly recommend stopping in Performance Chiropractic today!"

- Severe Back Pain

"Dr. Jensen changed my preconceived notions about the chiropractic profession. Not only did I really appreciate the extra time and interest he took in helping me with my stiffness and imbalance, but also his ability to quickly assess and address the underlying causes. His treatments, along with what he showed for at-home remedies, will definitely help me right the ship. Combine all of that with the fact that he offers the best price in town, and the result is there’s no other place one need go."

- Stiffness and Imbalance

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